Veggie Mascot Proposes at Minor League Game

“So Linda, how did Jimmy propose?”

“Oh it was so sweet. He won the Vegetable Race at the Reading Phillies game and then ran up into the stands. He grabbed a microphone and proposed. Luckily I had already had 10 beers by then. You wanna watch it? It’s on You Tube.”

“He won the whuh? Errr, sure.”

Imagine when the kids are old enough and ask these 2 how Daddy proposed to Mommy. This has to be one of the most embarrassing things ever, and this relationship is more doomed than the 20 years of Clippers basketball. Sports marriage proposals are lame in and of themselves. But to do it when you’re in costume as a piece of broccoli?

Check out the bride-to-be’s friend on the left side of the screen. When chicks get proposed to in front of their friends, the friends are usually teary-eyed and all caught up in emotion. This chick is laughing hysterically. You know why? Because this is the dumbest thing ever, that’s why.

I think the Ghana mascot guy is going to come over and bust a cap in this broccoli. And I also expect better from Philly fans. Someone in the vicinity should have done this to guy and stopped these shenanigans.

Hat Tip Video – [The700Level]

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