Two Dead, Over 100 Injured During Spain’s World Cup Celebrations

spain celebrationsSome may tell you that the World Cup victory celebrations in Spain were “to die for.”  Unfortunately, such a comment was all too real for two individuals whose parties, and lives, were cut short due to their tragic deaths.  After years of waiting, one man did not even get to see Spain lift the World Cup trophy after falling from a balcony following Andres Iniesta’s game-winning goal in extra-time.

“He was watching the match with friends. After Spain scored, they realized that he was no longer with them and they found him on the ground after falling from the balcony,” [a spokeswoman for the representative of Spain’s central government in Cadiz] said.” [Dirty Tackle]

The other death occurred after a man jumped into a pool and drowned. As for the injuries, there were plenty. Reports indicate that 74 were injured near the giant outdoor screens in the city of Barcelona, while 50 individuals in Valencia were treated for injuries resulting from an over-consumption of alcohol.

As for one of the stranger incidents, it was reported that three men were arrested in the separatist-minded Basque Country for assaulting supporters of the Spanish national team.

Celebrate at your own risk Spaniards.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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