Say Goodbye To The Blue Bombers’ Beer-Cup Snakes

beer cup snakeThe “C” in “CFL” may stand for “Canadian”, but perhaps it should stand for “Creative” instead.  After all, where else can you see a man in a wheelchair invade the field, a drunken fan perform field-goal post acrobatics, or the people in the stands construct a beer-cup snake.  Unfortunately, league officials are looking to cut down on such creativity.

During the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ last home game, fans in the stands used empty beer cups to manufacture a beer cup snake which reached hundreds of feet in length.  Not only was it the longest of its kind, but it appears as though it will be the last:

“When the shower of cups came down, we know for a fact that some people were hit with them. Some cups were empty, maybe numerous cups together, some even had contents coming from the upper deck,” Blue Bomber president Jim Bell said Wednesday.

Some fans were cut by the flying plastic.

As a result, the club is now adopting a zero-tolerance policy for thrown objects, drunken behaviour and boozy serpents.

“If there is any hint of the beer snake, for example, gaining momentum, we are going to ask our security people to have those fans please discontinue it and we expect that we will get their respect.”

Fans who refuse will be escorted out of the building, Bell added. []

It looks like the Creative Canadian Football League has adopted the NFL’s No-Fun-League attitude.  And with that being said, here is a look at what will likely be the last CFL beer-cup snake ever created.

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