Miguel Angel Jimenez Hits Remarkable British Open Bank Shot (Video)

The weekend may have belonged to a previously unknown South African by the name of Louis Oosthuizen, but the shot of the weekend would come off the club of Miguel Angel Jimenez.  The Spaniard finished ten strokes behind the eventually champion, Oosthuizen, but his bank shot on the 17th hole, a.k.a. The Road Hole, was enough to earn him one of the loudest roars from the crown at St. Andrews Golf Course this past weekend.

St. Andrews is the type of course that can force even the best of golfers to make a rather unconventional shot at times, and that is the exact position Jimenez found himself in during his second-to-last hole of the third round on Saturday.  A treacherous approach shot would leave his ball up against the stone wall next to the green.  That left Jimenez with little options, but he made the most of it by chipping the ball off the wall and onto the green.

Jimenez would end up with a double-bogey six on the par 4 17th, but it may very well have been one of the greatest double-bogeys ever recorded.  As for the greatest bank shot ever made, I’d say that still belongs to Leif Olson for his hole-in-one at the 2009 Canadian Open.

Hat Tip – [Devil Ball]

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