A Cat Playing Hockey Drives Me Crazy

A Cat Playing Hockey Drives Me CrazyPut a video up on YouTube of cute kitty cats and you’re bound to get thousands of views, links on prominent blogs, and resounding respect. But I have a serious problem with this video of a cat lying down and serving as a hockey goalie.

For starters, I’m not sure PETA would appreciate a cat being used as a goalie for some kid’s little games. I realize the guy isn’t exactly blistering slap shots at the poor thing, but the cat doesn’t look like he wants to play. He actually appears to be taking a cat-nap (pun!), but he has to deal with that freakin’ ball flicked at him so the camera can capture a couple good “saves.”

But my biggest beef with this video is that the cat is inside the net and he’s not actually saving the ball from going in. If you’re going to set it up so your cat is playing a hockey goalie and you’re going to announce it, like he’s making Hasek-like saves, at least set him up outside of the net, you clown. Otherwise, be ready for some serious scrutiny when you post the video on YouTube.

Wow, I just completely over-analyzed a simple video of a cat being cute. I’ll STFU and you enjoy the kitty.

Hat Tip Video – [DeadSpin]

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