Minor League Fireworks Go Awry (Video)

Minor League Fireworks Go AwrySo you think you have pretty good seats at a Minor League baseball game, right? You’re behind home plate, you eat a few hot dogs doused in ketchup and mustard, drink a few cold brewskis and may even catch a foul ball that popped straight over the screen and into your lap. When the final out is recorded, the American dream isn’t quite over yet, as you anxiously await to show your youngins the fireworks display after the game.

All is fun and memorable until a huge mishap occurs in the fireworks pit and a flaming firework comes flying at your seats like a heat-seeking missile destined to wipe out everyone rich enough to afford behind the plate seats! Instead of oh’s and ah’s, there are distinct oh no’s and incessant crying. The Minor League Game has turned into a tragic death trap.

Okay, okay, so nobody was injured and it looks/sounds a lot scarier than it actually was, but I think we’ve just found the plot for the next Michael Bay movie. Maybe Megan Fox will put on some weight so Michael Bay will cast her. I’d love to have her play the moaning camera woman.

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