Rangers Pitcher Dustin Nippert Takes Line Drive to the Head

It’s the absolute scariest thing that can happen on the baseball diamond. A pitcher fires the ball to the catcher and is falling off toward one side of the mound, not in a good defensive position.  The batter hits a screaming line drive right back at him and he has no time to react and get out of the way.  And so it was last night for Rangers pitcher Dustin Nippert as he faced the Tigers’ Austin Jackson.

Thankfully Nippert was able to get up and leave the field on his own.  He even cracked a couple smiles on the way out. And get this: Nippert told the Rangers’ medical staff that he could continue pitching in the game.   That’s some stones right there. He was taken to a Detroit-area hospital and received a CAT scan that came back negative. He is listed as day-to-day. I list him as totally awesome.

And after seeing that scary video, I think we all need some comic relief. Like a player taking a pitch to the groin, or some crazy little Cubs fans.

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