Shootout Fail Turns Into Great Goal (Video)

I’m sure that Minnesota Wild forward Jarod Palmer would tell you that he’s been working on this move for quite some time now.  But most of us would say that he took a huge swing and a miss during a shootout at a scrimmage in the Wild’s summer development.  What do you think?

I’d say that’s a big hack, no whack. But that’s some serious recovery skills and ingenuity as Palmer stayed right on the puck and scooped up his backhand into the back of the net past Wild goalie.  You can’t read lips through goalie masks, but I’ll bet he said something like what this Flyers fan said on live TV.  I’ll also guess that the goaltender wanted to choke Palmer like he was a Chilean soccer ref.  At least it was only a scrimmage or the goal would go down in history.

How soon until we see someone try that in a regular season game? You know it’s coming.

Hat Tip Video – [PuckDaddy]

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