Streaker Breaks 6 Tackles Before Being Politely Asked To Leave

Streaker Breaks 6 Tackles Before Being Politely Asked To LeaveUsually streakers have hairy beer bellies that hang low over their barely existent wieners. It’s not often we see one that actually looks like he’s in decent shape and in need of an oxygen tank once he’s taken down seconds after getting on the field.

Last Friday night at the B.C. Lions-Montreal Alouettes Canadian Football League game in Vancouver one of the world’s most in-shape streakers ran amuck on the field, sidestepping anything in his way. Due to the fact he wasn’t 100 hot dogs deep, in addition to 20 beers, he was able to avoid about six security guards and break three tackles before finally being brought to the ground.

In the United States, this would almost certainly spell criminal charges against the man. Completely embarrassing six security guards in the process would only enhance those odds. However, in Canada this man was simply told to put on some pants and hit the road.

If I didn’t know better, it sounds almost as if these authorities were actually quite impressed by the resilient streaker. Congrats, streaker. In Philadelphia, you would have been tased, but in Canada you’re a war hero. Now, I’m going to go put on my pants.

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