Achilles Shoelace (Pic)

Achilles shoelace

A user by the name of brockweaver over at posted this gruesome image.  It shows post operation on his ruptured Achilles.  He goes on to tell the story how this injury occurred,

I completely ruptured my right achilles while playing old man basketball over the noon hour. Had to drive my stick shift home with an umbrella to run the gas pedal.

Caught the ball on the baseline, then started to drive hard slightly to my left. Popped when I pushed forward off my back foot. I was playing on a really nice wood floor too, so that probably didn’t make any difference. So basically, avoid all the typical motions you do in basketball every time down the court and you’re probably good.

For the first time ever, no. I’ve always finished — played with a broken metacarpal, severely sprained ankle, cracked rib, concussion, etc. But this one put me down for a good 5 minutes and I couldn’t point my toe, much less put pressure on it. So I had to bail in the middle of the game. I felt like a real wanker.

Brockweaver also goes on to post some pre and post operation pictures.  The crew here at TPS wishes you a full and speedy recovery!

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