Camden Yards Security Refuses To Run After Field Trespasser

Did I miss something here?  Are the security personnel at Camden Yards on strike?  Or are they just the laziest crew in the Major Leagues?  How else can one explain their lack of effort in detaining this young field trespasser during last night’s game against the Minnesota Twins.

In all seriousness, this must be some sort of a record.  I mean, this kid literally ran around the field for over two minutes without being chased, or even touched, by a member of the Camden Yards security team.  And it seems like the only reason he eventually stopped was because an umpire yelled at him, or else this could have gone on for hours.

I guess you could say that a ballpark’s security personnel can often bare a striking resemblance to the team that plays there.  Much like the last place Orioles, their security will allow anyone to run all over them.  As for the defending National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies and their security, they tend to take a more aggressive approach in bringing down the opposition.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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