Carlos Arroyo Slaps Opposing Player (Video)

Carlos Arroyo Slaps Opposing PlayerWhat did the five fingers say to the face? Miami Heat guard Carlos Arroyo asked and then answered that for an opposing player Sunday in Puerto Rico’s matchup against Mexico in the Central American and Caribbean Games.

That right there is the “I’d really rather haul off and deck you but I don’t want to get in big trouble so I’ll just slap you instead.” It’s too bad all the players stepped into the middle of their little fight.  I could have watched those two scrappy point guards slap each other all day long. Slapping is hilarious, especially when it’s 2 grown men doing it to each other.  The only thing more fun to watch would be Lucha Libre wrestlers punching out fans in the crowd.  Or even better — fans in the stands smacking players that just scored a goal.

Slapping is the best.  There should be some sort of slapping championship.  And a 24-hour cable channel televising just slaps and slapping contests.  I’m a frickin’ genius.

Hat Tip Video – [BallsDon’tLie]