Iceland Soccer Celebration FTW (GIF)

For all the diving and inexplicable whistles that occur in soccer, which makes it almost unwatchable, the things soccer allow that are so right are the celebrations after goals. In American football, excessive celebration is frowned upon, penalized, and fined. It’s stupid and anticlimactic. Players work hard to score and they should be able to use the next 15-30 seconds to celebrate in any fashion they want.

In European football, that’s exactly what the players are allowed to do. It adds flavor and probably viewers. Soccer does it right by letting its players display exuberance in light of accomplishment — whether it be by running to the corner and sliding head first into the pole, taking off their shirts, or just getting really gay.

The players of Stjarnan in Iceland may have just put out one of the best celebrations I’ve seen to this day. After scoring a goal in front of less than a hundred people, they went with a pre-planned routine which has one player pretending to fish. As he starts to reel in a non-existent fish, another player comes flopping in from off the screen (and very well-done, too). The players then pick up the player-fish and hold him up as if to pose for a picture with their record breaking catch. Another player comes in front and acts like he’s taking pictures for Guinness. Masterfully put together and worth copying at your next rec league soccer game.

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