Mom Breaks Up Mites Hockey Fight (Video)

miteTwo little guys, teammates no less, square off in what was bound to be the best fight between mites in the history of mite fights. Unfortunately, their mother stepped in with her damn punishing tone.

Little Mazza gets inexplicably pushed to the ground by one of his teammates as play around them continue on. It looks like Mazza’s teammate (who we will refer to as Boy #2 hereafter) was taunting Mazza and that sparked rage from the embarrassed little guy. Mazza slams his stick, gets up quickly, and inaudibly chirps at his teammate before dropping his gloves in a heat of passion. They continue squawking as they shove one another, but it doesn’t last long.

The mother of one of the boys, who is presumably doing the video taping, yells out the boys’ names as they are about to get all Probert/Domi on each other. As soon as they hear the mother, they stop immediately and whip their heads around to see mommy video taping them. The following conversation surely happened:

Mazza: Damnit, dude, your mom is here?

Boy #2: Yeah, man, that’s why I pushed you. She doesn’t like you.

Mazza: You’re such a momma’s boy. If she wasn’t here, I’d knock your teeth out.

Boy #2: I wish she wasn’t here either. I still have some baby teeth I want to cash in on.

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