The Stat Line of the Night – 7/26/10 – Matt Garza

Matt GarzaThe Tampa Bay Rays have been no-hit 3 times in the past year and 4 times in their short 13 year history.  That is a lot for one of the rarest events in sports to occur against you.  They were due to put on a no-hit performance of their own and they finally got one from one of their young pitchers, Matt Garza.  The Tigers pitcher last night, Max Scherzer, also had a no-hitter going through 5 and 2/3 but that quickly evaporated after giving up a 6th inning grand slam.  Who would have bet that there would have been already 5 no hitters this season in baseball?  Well if you were a betting man online betting would have definitely provided you some good odds on this bet.

Garza was completely lights out, almost throwing a perfect game.  Returning to his 2008 ALCS MVP form, Garza managed to face the minimum.  He only gave up one walk in the 2nd inning to Boesch, but quickly got Rayburn to ground into a double play ball.  Of the 120 pitches Garza threw, 80 were strikes and he was able to retire 6 of the hitter via the strikeout.  He surrendered 12 men on flyouts and 9 men on groundouts.  The key to his great performance was a steady diet  of high fastballs which kept the Tigers on their heels all night.

The Devil Rays are having another magical season, this one predicated more on staying hot all season than just getting hot at the right time.  Pitching performances like Garza’s show the depth of talent they have on their team, and in a deep AL East they will need every ounce of it.  For now, Matt Garza gets “The Stat Line of the Night”.

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