Tony Hawk Shears Pelvis In Wipeout (Video)

The sad truth is that we are all getting older, including skateboarding legends like the one and only Tony Hawk.  Hawk was skating during  a Quiksilver demo on Saturday and did not nail the landing.   He instead nailed his pelvis.

Hawk tweeted about the fall shortly after the event. “Did a tailbone 5 & my foot was a little off, sent me into b/s revert (chicken-neck) to flat. Hit my back & head HARD. Waiting for CT results.”

As a follow-up tweet from Hawk revealed, those results came back and with a diagnosis of his injury as a ‘pelvic vertical shear injury’. I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I bet it hurts.  A lot. Also hurting a lot? Getting power bombed in an MMA fight.  Or hit with a line drive, foul ball from your own teammate.

Over the years Hawk has suffered much worse. He’ll be fine and back out thrilling crowds in no time.

Hat Tip Video – [SkateboardingMagazine]

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