Crazy Chinese Fan Goes Karate on Ref (Video)

I love seeing clips like this because it just goes to show that North Americans aren’t the only ones who will take to the field — or the pitch in this situation — to express their anger toward a player or ref. Here is some really pissed off Chinese fan who has had enough of the ref sending off his team’s players.

And not only will they go onto to the pitch to throw some kicks and punches, they’ll mob up and take it to the parking lot to vandalize that ref’s car.

Crazy Chinese Fan Goes Karate on Ref

One problem here though: that wasn’t the ref’s car. Oops. So who are these people, anyway? They are the fervent and very angry fans of the Chinese Super League club Qingdao. And they had their undies in a bunch because the referee sent off two of their players in about three minutes during their 2-0 loss to Shanghai Shenhua on Sunday.

Hey if fans can slap players, why aren’t the refs fair game? Seems fair to me. But this still pales in comparison to watching jockeys fight during a horse race. That should be a sport of its own.

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