Rugby Player Smacks Head On Concrete, Remains In Game (Video)

Many sports fans will tell you that hockey players are as tough as they get, and such a statement is hard to argue with.  After all, these guys have shown a willingness to sacrifice their bodies at all costs for the good of their team.  However, if there were members of another sport who could challenge hockey players for the title as the “toughest athletes”, it would have to be rugby players.

These guys go out there and beat the hell out of each other (within the rules, of course) without the use of helmets or pads.  Although, after witnessing this scary incident, I can’t help but think that perhaps the use of helmets would not be such a bad idea.

I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that this player suffered a cracked skull, severe concussion, or even a life threatening head injury.  But I was shocked to see that after receiving some attention from the training staff, he was able to return to the game as if nothing had happened.

Dude, you just went airborne and landed head first on the concrete.  Why not take a break and sit the rest of this one out?

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