9 Mascots that Were Obviously Conceived by Someone on Acid


Most teams have mascots. Naturally, some are better than others. But every once in a while, a mascot comes along that is so strange, so bizarre, that it could not have been created by an unaltered human mind. In some cases, chemicals just had to be involved. Here are nine mascots that were obviously conceived by someone on acid.

9. Phillie Phanatic (Phillies)
phanaticThe Phillie Phanatic has some minor associations to Jim Henson, so, there’s actually a decent chance this was some how acid related. But, overall, the mascot gives off the appearance of a Sesame Street character gone awry. From the rear, his appearance is somewhat birdlike, but his face looks like there’s a parking cone attached with green fur covering everything.

8. Big Red (Western Kentucky University)
mascot-insideBig Red has become somewhat of a star (ESPN commercials and other cameos) in the past few years. It’s all because of his strange look. What exactly is Big Red? He kind of looks like a cross between Grimace and Mr. Snuffleupagus.

7. Wenlock & Mandeville (2012 London Olympic Mascots)
londonmascotsOther than sell t-shirts and other products, I’m just not sure what purpose Olympic mascots serve. Well, this time, the London Olympic Committee has outdone all the rest. Meet, Wenlock and Mandeville, your 2012 London Olympic Mascots. And aside from being almost completely useless, I’m not exactly sure what the hell they actually are.

6. Otto (Syracuse University)
MascotHaving attended to Syracuse, one of the most popular questions I get asked is, “how was it going to school in Florida?” Unfortunately, the school is located in upstate New York. Years ago a faux mascot was created and controversy ensued. Sure, the school colors are orange, but, the choice of Otto is still beyond perplexing.

5. Boll Weevil (University of Arkansas at Montecello)
BollWeevil-735211Boll weevils are small gray (why is the mascot green?) bugs which destroy cotton fields. The mascot is green and kind of resembles the Yellow Bastard in Sin City. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think when I see this thing, it’s not exactly, “Go team.”

4. Goleo & Pille (World Cup 06)
06-goleo-and-pilleI’m not sure why, but, for some reason, the World Cup has mascots. As in each city every four years has a new mascot. In 2006 the mascots were Goleo & Pille, a lion holding a rose and a talking soccer ball. As if soccer didn’t confuse Americans enough.

3. Billiken (Saint Louis University)
BillikenApparently, a Billiken is a good-luck figure who represents things, ‘the way they should be.’ Whatever that means. But what does that have to do with Saint Louis University? To this day, debates rage on (not really) about why the university chose this as its mascot and why it looks like the Mothman.

2. Banana Slug (University of California – Santa Cruz)
uc-santa-cruz-banana-slugBanana slugs are indiginous to the region the University calls home. The university’s mascot may actually be even more disturbing looking than the actual creature it is named after. It looks like the missing link Pokemon.

1. Stanford Tree (Stanford)
20090311_clk_al2_599If you ever watched “Fraggle Rock” as a kid you may have de ja vu when watching Stanford sporting events. It’s because the Stanford Tree looks strikingly similar to the Marjory the Trash Heap. According to Wikipedia, ‘the University has never been able to come up with an official mascot which adequately conveys the fierceness and sporting prowess it had hoped to symbolize……’ Which makes total sense that the unofficial mascot is a cracked-out looking tree.

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