Indians’ 3rd Baseman Marte Strike Out Swisher With 3 Pitches (Video)

nick swisher strikes outJust over a year ago, Nick Swisher was asked by coach Joe Girardi to step up to the mound and pitch an inning for the New York Yankees as they found themselves on the losing end of a 15-5 game against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Yankees’ outfielder was able to get through the inning without allowing a run against, and he even recorded a strikeout.

Last night in Cleveland, Swisher found himself on the other end of a similar situation when the Indians turned to third baseman Andy Marte to pitch the ninth inning with his team trailing the Yankees by a score of 11-1.  Marte may have never pitched in the majors before, but he was easily the Indians’ best hurler last night as he recorded a 1-2-3 inning, which included a three-pitch strikeout of Nick Swisher.

Swisher was able to laugh this one off, but it did not stop him from labeling it as the most embarrassing moment of his career.

“Me and Marte, we’ve both got the same ERA,” Swisher joked. “I now have a new most embarrassing moment. He had some run on his stuff. I was sitting on the breaking ball, 0-2, and he gassed me upstairs. … As soon as I swung, I knew it.” [Big League Stew]

Here is a look at Swisher’s final whiff on strike three.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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