Another Great Iceland Soccer Celebration (Video)

celebrationThe players of Stjarnan in Iceland are back at it with another soccer celebration that will make the sport’s haters consider officially crossing over and make the apologists weep for joy while holding one another ever so gently.

But any soft moment that soccer usually elicits, this Scarface-ish goal celebration by the team from Iceland should do the trick. After scoring a really impressive goal — barely staying onside to tip in a perfect pass from midfield — the real Slim Shady player goes through his team like William Wallace leading his men against the English. Slaughterhouse.

He goes on a dead sprint toward his teammates, fake punches one out, pseudo-stabs another, before stopping to mock-blow a couple teammates’ brains out. May I add that the way he handles the air gun is quite impressive.

Having said all that, this celebration still doesn’t hold a candle to the creativity and pure execution of the fish celebration. I’d say in the Olympics of soccer goal celebrations the first video, with the fake fishing experience, takes the gold while this video takes silver. Of course, the second video is always capable of pulling a Tonya Harding and helping her chances of moving up a slot. Either way, keep up the good work, Iceland.

Hat Tip Video – [HotClicks]

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