LeBron James Billboard Diss (PIC)

LeBron James might have taken his talents to South Beach, but in doing so he alienated and angered most of the country, basketball legends and most importantly his hometown of Akron, Ohio. An Akron marketing firm went ahead and purchased this dissing billboard to let LeBron know — as if he didn’t already — how much he is loathed back home.

LeBron James Billboard Diss

A company called The Omada Group paid $3,000 for the billboard, which is approximately two miles from James’ estate in Bath. The billboard will be up for about a month. The hatred may last forever.

Things keep getting better and better for the self-proclaimed “King”. After he got all rowdy in Las Vegas and ESPN ran a story about it, that story then disappeared. The best information we can get about James comes from an odd yet hilarious animated video.

LeBron has become the Kanye of hoops. Great at what he does yet less and less people seem to like him.

Hat Tip Image – [BallDon’tLie]

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