The Blob Sends Skinny Girl For A Ride (GIF)

Ah, yes. Summertime is great for usage of the water blob, which is what the kids like to play on. The purpose of the blob is to get launched a thousand feet when somebody three times the size of you jumps on it behind you. I’m not a physicist, but gravity plus extra weight will send the person sitting on the front end out into the middle of the lake, like that.

The blob is especially popular at summer camp when the children are given lake time. And this group of people definitely know how to make the best use of the blob. Put your skinniest, most anorexic girl at the front of the blob, and then get two of your fattest friends to jump together, as one, on the back of the blob. This will maximize launch distance of said skinny girl. If they jump higher into the air that will send her even further. This chick gets launched a mile. I don’t know how this is considered useful physical activity, but it’s fun(ny) nonetheless.

It’s all fun and games until you’re at some no fun, fat camp and counselor Lars decides he wants to spear the blob, completely deflating it and all fun that comes with it.

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