The World’s Farthest Basketball Shot (Video)

The Worlds Farthest Basketball ShotWe’ve seen a lot of circus basketball shots in the past year or so. They’re all the rave on the internet these days. Less than a month ago, a video of Jeremy Piven nailing a shot from a ledge made its way around the interwebs. And I don’t know if trick shots get any better than this. But everyone wants to one-up the last video and, as a result, we’re going to be seeing trick shots for the life of YouTube, from all over the world.

This one comes from Vulcan Park atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama. A young-adult heaves one from up above, near the Vulcan man iron statue, and hits nothing but net. Impressive indeed.

However, I think titling the video “The World’s Farthest Basketball Shot” is a bit much. It doesn’t look like he’s throwing it from that far away — the video provides zero details on the shot — and it looks as if gravity plays a major role in the ball traveling the ultimate distance. I said it was impressive, but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge this trick shot as one of the best. In fact, I’d say Ari Gold still has this kid beat.

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