Tim Lincecum Gives Girl Her First Kiss (Video)

That Tim Lincecum is so dreamy. That funky delivery. That cute baby face. Those long locks of hair that probably smell like the chronic. I don’t know, is that what girls think of the San Francisco Giants ace? One girl certainly wanted to meet Lincecum at the ballpark for a special reason: she wanted Timmy to be her very first kiss. Aw.

The girl headed over to AT&T park with a sign in hand that read “Lincecum #55. Since I’m 21 now, wanna be my first kiss … on the cheek?”

So she never had a kiss on the cheek? Ha. But way to go, Timmy. Super nice of you. I wonder if he still would have planted one on her if she looked like this special baseball fan. Timmy is to baseball fans what Justin Bieber is to little girls. I still have no idea who he is but I think he is a singer with fake hair. But I guess if Bieber played hockey he must be cool.

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