X-Games Flasher Makes This 8-Year-Old’s Day (Video)

They call them the “X-Games” for a reason, but I don’t think this is why.

Prior to the Moto Cross Speed & Style gold medal race, a few fans did their best to get the crowd going, and nothing gets the boys going quite like a pair of breasts on a beautiful female.  Needless to say, this chick gave the guys exactly what they wanted, but it appears as though no one wanted it more than the young kid watching from the adjacent stairs.

As the girl in the blue shirt pumps the crowd up, the kid shows her the universal sign for “show your tits”, and as a symbol of her generosity she gives the people exactly what they want.

And if the child’s reaction wasn’t good enough, check out how his mother reacts to the sight of this female’s bare breasts.  She must be so proud of her son.

Hat Tip Video – [Free Spirit Adventure]