Michael Irvin Had Sex In His Hall Of Fame Jacket

michael irvin hall of fame jacket

With the NFL Hall Of Fame Game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Dallas Cowboys only a few days away, now is the time for inductees, old and new, to reminisce about their experience and what it means to be a Hall of Famer.  Perhaps no one has shown such pride in putting on that yellow blazer than former Cowboys star wideout Michael Irvin, who claims to have had sex in his Hall of Fame jacket.

“I remember when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame and they gave me my Hall of Fame yellow blazer. I wore it for two straight days. Finally my wife was in bed and said she wanted to make love but that I had to take the coat off. I refused and kept the blazer on because I wanted to perform like a Hall of Famer on the field and off.” [The Chicago Tribune]

Well said Michael.  Spoken like a true Hall of Famer.  Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith and the rest of this year’s inductees can learn a thing or two from the man who calls himself “The Playmaker”.

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