Is This Puck-To-The-Groin Reaction An Over-Reaction?

I would hate to call someone’s reaction to a groin-shot an over-reaction.  Being a male and all, I can sympathize with any man who has been on the receiving end of a ball, puck, or anything else to the groin.  However, this guy’s reaction is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

So what was he doing playing without a cup in the first place?  Many of you may be asking the same question, although once again, I can sympathize.  During my hockey playing years I abandoned my jock strap after it was the cause for a rather painful penis injury.  Since then I have played jock-free.  Friends will often ask me whether I am crazy, and to them and everyone else, I have the following to say:

If you thought a shot the the groin was painful, try having your shaft sandwiched between a 200-pound body and the hard edge of a cup.  I almost puked my brains out.  No joke.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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