Could This Be The Greatest Dunk Contest Of All Time?

When it comes to great slam dunk contests, most will tell you that it doesn’t get any better than the 2000 NBA All-Star edition, which saw the likes of Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Steve Francis entertain the thousands of fans in attendance at The Arena in Oakland, California.

The hype generated from that competition has made it a tough act to follow throughout the past decade, but this Nike Basketball dunk competition, which took place outside the Staples Center, might just give the 2000 NBA dunk competition a run for its money.

This video is a lengthy one, as it showcases all of the dunks from the event, as well as the failed attempts.  Some of the highlights include fantastic finishes from “T-Dub” (0:25), “Jus Fly” (1:25), “Werm” (5:45), and “AZ” (6:18).

So what do you think?  Best dunk contest of all time?

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