Cubs Fan Catches Ball In Beer Glass, then Chugs (Video)

If you live in Chicago and are a Cubs fan, it would make some sense that you would drink. Or start drinking if you have to watch this team. The Bleacher Bums have taken to having some fun and getting creative with their beer gulping. Because, let’s face it — once again this team stinks so fans have to entertain themselves. Got to get your money’s worth some way, right?

That version of the Cubs fan is the kindler, gentler, we’re 13 games back of first place and no longer care, Cubs fan. Not the psycho kind when the team is actually in contention for the playoffs.

I bet that fan let out a Clay Guida-like burp after chugging that thing, maybe spit out a little dirt and grass too. Cubs fans need to entertain themselves at Wrigley because it’s not like they are seeing amazing plays of outfielders scaling the wall to make a catch.

Well, better luck next year Cubs fans. Any team can have a bad century.

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