Prince of Wales Trophy Engraving Error

Nobody expected the seven-seed Philadelphia Flyers to make it all the way to the Stanley Cup. I’m not even sure they believed they’d make it to the playoffs, needing a late-season run and an OT-winner in the final regular season game to clinch. Then they surely couldn’t believe they’d make it to the third round. After all, they had to come back from three goals down in a Game 7 just do it. And then there was no way they could essentially stay on that high to beat a hot Canadiens team, right? Welp, they managed to shock the world and win the Eastern Conference Prince of Wales Trophy, with the distinct privilege of playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Only the NHL doesn’t appear to recognize them as the Prince of Wales winners…

Check out this egregious engraving error by the NHL, claiming the Washington Capitals were the 2009-2010 Prince of Wales Trophy winners. That’s who everyone expected to overcome the Pittsburgh Penguins this season, but nobody thought it was a foregone conclusion.

If this is indeed a real photo, and there is strong evidence indicating that it is a hoax, Gary Bettman loses again. This time in the eyes of Philly fans, because to everyone else this is just kind of funny.

Hat Tip Image – [PuckDaddy]

Prince of Wales Trophy Engraving Error

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