The Stat Line of the Night – 8/9/10 – Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu was recently moved to the leadoff spot bymanager Mike Scioscia and the Angels have looked like a completely different team since that happened.  Is it too little too late in the AL West?  Most likely, as the Rangers seem to have a firm grasp on the division.  It is a good sign for Mr. Abreu, however, as his numbers have improved dramatically since making the move.  Last night was no exception as he single-handedly led the Angels to a 6-4 victory over the lowly Royals.

Abreu showed what makes him an asset in any lineup, no matter if his speed has evaporated over the years.  He was able to get on base going 3 for 5 on the night.  Not only that, but his power was also on display as he smashed a two-run double in the 2nd and a 2 run home run in the 4th.  Those hits would help put the Angels up 5-0.  Although Kansas City battled back, the Angels were able to hold on for the 6-4 victory.  Abreu scored 2 runs of his own to go with his 4 RBIs.

While the Angels may be out of it this year and the rising power from Texas looks like it may be a power to fear in years to come in the AL West, the Angels still have a talented roster.  If Bobby Abreu continues to find his form in the leadoff role, Scioscia may stick with him and the Angels can compete more effectively in the future.  For now, Abreu gets the “Stat Line of the Night”.

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