This Must Have Been the Greatest Rider Ever (Video)

This has to be the world’s number one sling shot ride. Not only does it make grown men “wee” like a child, it makes foreign women orgasm like they never have before. Somebody give me directions to this place and point me to this ride, please.

The best part about this has to be her boyfriend’s (husband?) reaction to the fact his girl is actually having a full-out orgasm. I mean, I know the ride vibrates a little with the “sling,” but c’mon, she really can’t be having an orgasm can she? The guy comes to the realization that his girl is 100% serious that she’s honestly having an awesome orgasm.

“Wait, are you serious?” he asks.

She replies that she’s had good orgasms with him, but never “really crazy,” like the one she  had on the sling shot malta. That’s when the video cuts out and I imagine ol’ Peter gets really pissed and probably dumps his orgasm rollercoaster riding girl.

Meanwhile, this amusement park should consider changing the sling shot ride to maybe ___ shot ride, if you catch my drift. No? Ok, well, I’m going to go ride a rollercoaster, have baseball trivia asked to me, and then top it off by giving a nice long O-face.

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