Kid Breaks Arm, Toughs It Out During On-Field Contest In Anaheim

beechMeet Beecher Halladay (no relation to Roy).  Beecher (what kind of a name is that anyways?) was the lucky unlucky winner of a promotional contest titled “Steal Third Base” at Angel Stadium on July 30th.  All he had to do was run down the third baseline, steal third base, and bring it to the lovely ladies waiting for him in under 25 seconds.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well not exactly.  At least not for young Beecher, who stumbled immediately out of the gate and landed on his left arm, dislocating his elbow and breaking his humerus.  However, being the tough competitor that he is and not wanting to embarrass himself in front of the three sexy Angels ladies and 50,000 fans, Beecher got up and attempted to complete the contest.  Unfortunately, he would only make it to third base before being taken off the field and to the Emergency Room, where he would undergo surgery to have three pins placed in his elbow.

Tough break Beecher, literally!

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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