Reds And Cards Exchange Kicks And Punches In Bench-Clearing Brawl (Video)

Think baseball is boring because of its lack of physicality?  Sounds like you should start watching more games between the Cincinnati Reds and the St. Louis Cardinals.  If there was any doubt as to how these two teams felt about each other, those questions were answered last night when they engaged in a heated brawl during the bottom of the first inning.

It all started when the Reds’ Brandon Phillips stepped into the batters box to lead off the bottom of the first.  Prior to his at bats, Phillips has been known to give the opposing catcher a welcome tap on the shin pad, but Cards catcher Yadier Molina wasn’t having any of it, likely because of what Phillips had said about the Cardinals one day earlier:

“I’d play against these guys with one leg,” Phillips insisted before the game. “We have to beat these guys. … All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they’re little bitches, all of ’em.” [Big League Stew]

Soon after, the two found themselves face-to-face and moments later, all hell broke loose.  Here is a look at the melee, which was broken down quite nicely by the Reds commentators.

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