Joe Reitz Touchdown Celebration FAIL! (Video)

It is a good thing that offensive linemen barely ever score touchdowns.  If they did, we would probably see a lot more failed touchdown celebrations, like this one.

The guy getting rejected by the field-goal crossbar is Ravens’ offensive tackle Joe Reitz.  After quarterback Troy Smith scampered into the end zone on an 8-yard touchdown run during a 17-12 preseason victory over the Carolina Panthers, he was kind enough to hand the ball off to one of the big men up front protecting him.

This may come as a surprise to many, especially after seeing his poor vertical, but Reitz actually played some basketball during his college days at the University of Western Michigan.  And even more surprising is the fact that he finished his college career as the school’s third leading scorer all-time.

I am willing to bet that very few of those baskets were slam dunks.

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