Amazing Basketball Shot From Free Fall Ride (Video)

Those good ol’ boys from Alabama, “The Legendary Shots”, have been at it again recently. This time they were trying to make a basket from the top of a ride at a local amusement park called “Alabama Adventure”. Check out the video:

I think that one of the rides there is called “Go On a Car Ride with Your Cousin and Pretend to Run Out of Gas”. I could be wrong. All kidding aside, that was an amazing shot. Now they need to take this to the next level. When they make one of their “legendary” shots, they need an awesome celebration to cap it off. Maybe they can call up Iceland’s Stjarnan FC to see if they can borrow one of their routines. But my guess is that these dudes are so creative that they’ll be coming up with their own. Or what would be really cool is if they could go on tour with the skateboarding priest. Sweet idea, right?

Hat Tip Video – [TheDagger]

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