Eli Manning Got Jacked Up (Video)

Eli Manning Got Jacked Up

Welcome to the 2010 NFL season, Eli Manning!

I know what some of you football fans out there are saying, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Eli is, after all, the king of the sourpuss face. Now he has something to be sour about. Now you also know why some teams barely play their star QBs during the preseason.

Manning needed 12 stitches to close the gash, as well as 12 pieces of tissue to stop up all his tears. Peyton Manning needed 12 minutes to stifle his laughter. Jets fans bought 12-packs to celebrate, although they were going to do that anyway.

That Giants play was one big fail, much like the touchdown celebration of Ravens offensive lineman Joe Reitz. But Reitz didn’t need any stitches, just had some wounded pride. Aw. I wonder what Rex Ryan would think about that play? Probably something along these lines.

Anyway, the G-Men will face stiffer competition in the NFC East this year with McNabb now on the Redskins and the Eagles and Cowboys still looking tough. How often do you think Eli will get ripped on by those teams for his bloodied head?

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