Iceland Soccer Team ‘Human Bicycle’ Celebration (Video)

You may remember Iceland’s Stjarnan FC  from their phenomenal goal celebration last month when they gave the internet the joy of “The Big Catch“.  Now they are back with some more, new routines.  I just hope they are as good at soccer as they are at choreography.

You just have to love Stjarnan’s Johann Laxdal, which sounds like something you take when you’re constipated. I hope he’s not reading this. Maybe his next celebration will be of him pretending to take a you-know-what. “The Human Bicycle” was decent, if not a little sloppy. Recently they did “The Stroke” which was unimpressive. My favorite is the “Giving Birth” celebration. Simple, yet funny and easily executed. Do you think they will tank some games if they can’t come up with some new celebrations?

Maybe they could use the ref to re-enact the ref punching the player and then running for his life. They could get the PA sound guy to play the “Benny Hill” theme music. That’s a freebie, Stjarnan FC. The next one is going to cost you.

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