Russian Soccer Fans Go Crazy in Stands (Video)

RussianWell, I think it goes without saying that KBG will not be pleased with the antics of these wacko soccer fans.

This video totally needs to be on one Tosh.O’s “Breakdown” segments. There is just so much going on here. Half of the people have their shirts off, which signifies to me that they are so hoping to be on the Russian version of “Cops”, or that they have already appeared on the show. There’s one 80-year old guy throwing chairs and one guy that seems to like getting pegged — he gets nailed three times in a row without even throwing one. Also, why even have those green things? They aren’t chairs. My favorite though is the kid that nails the security guard at the end of the video.

Whatever happened to just slapping another fan in the face? Isn’t that the easier way to show your displeasure? And what were they freaking out for anyway? Was it a horrible own goal? Whatever, I’m getting on the TPS jet and flying to Russia to find out. Which shirt should I wear over my head?

Check out some of the injuries to the fans here.

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