Jets’ Antonio Cromartie Has More Kids Than You, Or He, Can Name (Video)

I’d hate to judge, but it appears as though Antonio Cromartie is making a case to be added to our list of 10 Athletes Who Are Deadbeat Dads.  The Jets’ newly acquired corner back currently has eight children (according to his count during a segment on HBO’s Hard Knocks) age five and under.

In fact, in 2007, Cromartie not only led the league with 10 interceptions, but he was also a league leader with four conceptions.  And when you have that many kids, it can be quite difficult naming all of them.

This clip would be perfect for a condom commercial.

So according to my count, I have the following:  Alonso, 5; Karis, 3; Majorney(???), 3; “My daughter who just turned three”, 3; Tyler, 3; London, ?; Lelani, 2; and Jersey, a newborn with his current wife.

This all seemed quite confusing to me, so I decided to check out what Wikipedia had to say about the many children of Antonio Cromartie:

“Cromartie has fathered at least seven children with six women living in five states, and has been named in at least five paternity suits in the past two years.” [Wikipedia]

Sorry Antonio, but you shouldn’t be delivering kids like they are tackles.  The verdict is in.  Looks like we have another deadbeat dad.

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