Greece And Serbia Engage In A Basket-Brawl

The last time I checked, Serbian-Greece relations were actually quite friendly, but I guess that does not extend onto the basketball court.

During the final game of a friendly Acropolis basketball tournament, things were anything but friendly as a brawl between the Greek and Serbian teams broke out, causing the game to be called with 2:40 remaining.  In the center of it all was Serb center Nenad Krstic, who grabbed Greek forward Antonis Fotsis by the throat before eventually throwing a chair at Greek center Sofoklis Schortsanitis.  The chair would end up hitting Greek center Yannis Bouroussis in the head.  Bouroussis was not dressed for the game because of a hand injury.

The fighting on the court eventually came to a halt, but ensued once again as the two teams exited through the tunnel.  Here is a look at what took place at the Athens Olympic Arena.

Why does it seem to be a forgone conclusion that whenever an international basketball brawl takes place, chairs are bound to fly?

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