Sidney is Going to Try to Get Tim Tebow Laid

get tim tebow laid

The debate on whether Tim Tebow is a virgin is still going strong, but their is one female who is fairly certain that the former Florida Gators quarterback has yet to have some lady-lovin’ in his life, and she wants to change that.

Her name is Sidney and she is the creator of the website “Get Tebow Laid.”  Just by looking into the eyes of the 2007 Heisman Award winner, Sidney can tell that he is still a virgin, but she plans on changing all of that come September 12th, when the Broncos visit Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars.

With girls like Sidney chasing Tebow around and trying to lure him into the sac, it appears as though the Broncos quarterback may in fact be the smartest man on Earth, as he uses his so-called “virginity” to simply attract more sexy females.  Or perhaps he is the dumbest man on the planet, and really is a virgin.  Either way, something tells me that Sidney has her hands full with this one.

Here is a link to Sidney’s site.  The countdown to impurity is on!

Hat Tip to Gregg for the find.

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