This Oakland A’s Ball Boy Sure Knows How To Pick Up Chicks (Video)

Often times we find ball boys around the MLB who can impress spectators with their glove.  And sometimes we are treated to the sight of some ball girls who can impress with their looks.  But rarely do we see a ball boy who can dazzle those in attendance with his charm.

Well this ball boy for the Oakland Athletics showed that he is capable of doing just that.

With the children seated in the front row reaching their arms out with all their might in an attempt to persuade the ball boy into giving them a souvenir, this ladies’ man had just one thing on his mind: “Where can I find a hot girl to share my ball with?”

During last night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays, he found that special someone and shared not one, but two balls with her (makes sense), much to the chagrin of the children and parents in attendance.  You simply have to love the composure of this young lad.  Even with a course of boos raining down on him, he keeps his cool and seeks out the lovely young lady in the second row.  And after receiving a kiss the first time, he is smart enough to go back for more.

So as a tribute to this ball boy’s work with the ladies, we give you Sade’s “Smooth Operator.”  Keep on workin’ it Kevin.

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