Titans LeGarrette Blount At It Again Punching Teammates (Video)

PunchSome things just never change. Former Oregon, and current Tennessee Titans running back LeGarrette Blount hit the rewind button during a training camp session this week as he made like his old self and delivered a right cross to the helmet of a teammate.

Blount had been angry from the previous play after his helmet was ripped off, and when it came off again, thing got heated. Blount and defensive end Eric Bakhtiari came face to face before exchanging a few shoves. That was when Blount decided to deliver one of his patented right hooks.

Here is a look at what unfolded during the incident.

Coach Jeff Fisher didn’t seem too concerned about what took place. LeGarrette Blount immediately apologised to Fisher, who had this to say about the rookie’s actions:

“His past is his past,” the coach said. “Is that the first punch you’ve seen in camp this year? No. I’m not disappointed whatsoever. I have great confidence in the young man that he learned from his mistake, and he’s very competitive. That’s why we brought him in here is to watch him run the football like that.”

Blount may be off the hook this time, but it is never a good idea for a third string running back who went undrafted to be pulling such acts if he expects to make the team. Just a little something for the former Duck to consider next time he thinks about cocking his right

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