Hiroshima Carp Catch Of The Year – The Sequel (Video)

Hiroshima Carp Catch Of The YearDuring the first week of August, Masato Akamatsu of the Nippon Professional Baseball League’s Hiroshima Carp sprinted up the left center field wall to rob a home run and put in his submission for one of the greatest catches ever made on Earth.

Almost three weeks later, a Hiroshima Toyo Carp center fielder is seen robbing the same opponent, Yokohama BayStars, and saving the tail of the same teammate pitcher. This time, though, it’s a different center fielder vying for the greatest catch ever made — Amaya Soichiro.

So which catch is the better catch?

If I had to pick one, I’d go with the first one by Akamatsu. He needs to sprint full speed the entire time to get simply get to the ball and then has to display his Spidey skills. The second one might be more entertaining or flashy, but the ball was hit high so enough, Soichiro (no relation to Ichiro Suzuki) could climb the wall, stand on top of it, have a shot of Saki, and have sufficient time to lean back and make the catch. Amazing, but not quite as good as the one made by his teammate a few weeks before.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a catch as good as that one and Soichiro’s grab wasn’t even unprecedented. Tanaka made the same catch in “Major League 2” back in 1992.

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