Insane 200 Yard Golf Gong Shot (Video)

Wait for it…

Pfft. I hit shots like this all of the time. But on the golf course. Plus, I always hit the lake. How is that a big deal? But seriously, heck of a job by David Howell, Paul McGinley, Marcel Siem and Rhys Davies, with Howell being the one to finally ring the gong.

We here at TPS have some more suggestions for the next amazing shot. First, we recommend the guys head to the new Jets stadium. We’ll send Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie to stand in one end zone, while the golfers hit their shots from the other. The target? The crotch region of Cromartie, who is really having way too many babies. One speedy golf shot to the goods ought to take care of that.

The other suggestion would be for the guys to aim for Rex Ryan’s ultra potty mouth. Wait, that would be too easy. That thing is massive.

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