Picture Of The Day: Latrell Sprewell Grammar Lesson

Latrell Sprewell Grammar Lesson

I might not do too good at grammar, but I’ve always enjoyed learning it. When I was in grade school, the sentences teachers made up for lessons were always interesting because they’d use students’ names from our class. Sometimes you could get a feel for if the teacher actually liked or disliked a student based on the sentence the teacher would create. Scintillating with words!

This is just a hunch, but it seems the editor of this linguistics textbook has some beef with Latrell Sprewell, a former NBA player who is infamous for choking his coach and voicing displeasure with a multi-million dollar contract by saying that he needed to feed his family.  Is the editor a Warriors fan, relative of P.J. Carlesimo, any NBA fan, or all of the above?

Hat Tip – [DeadSpin]

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