The Mafia Used Italian Soccer Show to Contact Jailed Mobsters

Quelli Che il CalcioCan you imagine seeing on ESPN’s SportsCenter ticker something, like, “Paulie took some kid under his wing. Meanwhile, the new shipment of drugs should be coming in sometime next week,” scrolling right after an update on, say, Brett Favre’s decision to retire/unretire?

Well, something like that has happened, but not on ESPN. Mafia clans have been using a popular football show on Italian television, Quelli Che il Calcio, to send subliminal messages to jailed godfathers. These mob bosses would be kept up to date on the mob business through text messages sent to the show, which would be displayed across the bottom of the screen.  The messages would be sandwiched between innocent messages that showed support of the Italian football squad.

I really want to know how long this was going on before it was finally discovered as subliminal mob messages. Is there a corrupt producer at the station who needs to be fired? Was the station inexplicably allowing any text message to be scrolled across the bottom of the screen? Did the prison guards sniff it out when they learned the mob bosses actually knew nothing about the Italian football team despite spending hours glued to the show?  Or did somebody finally pick up on some of the mob trigger words like guns, drugs, kill, blow, Al Pacino, etc.?

No matter what, these mafia clans have to receive some respect for being creative. And if this got by the station’s production crew for more than a single episode, well, they should be shot.

Hat Tip – [Guardian]

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