Amazing Youth Football KO Hit (Videos)

This kid has been paying attention in practice. Keep your eyes on the split end, or the ‘X’ for all you Madden geeks/football dorks out there.

This play is from a local youth football league in the Western suburbs of Chicago. It’s enough to make the Chicago Bears proud, and probably enough to make Coach Ditka weep. As a Bears fan myself, I’m hoping that this team will allow the Bears into their practice so they can learn how to block correctly. Jay Cutler almost died the other night when he was sacked 5 times in the first half. Of an exhibition game. Against the Raiders. Yeah, it’s that bad.

How many recruiters are trying to find this kid’s address and phone number right now? If you see the kid with a new bike and tons of new PS3 games, you know he’s been bought.

The only hit I’ve seen recently that was better than that kid’s came from a bull. Not a Chicago Bull — a real one that rammed his horn into unspeakable places. Can you imagine how this guy would feel about that play?

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